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ABOUT Bliss Steele
and disciple dogs

Bliss Steele lives in Lancaster, South Carolina with his wife Jessica, their son and seven dogs. Bliss has worked with teenagers and adults for nearly three decades in both the church and corporate world.

Bliss is currently the Corporate Chaplain for Nutramax Laboratories in Lancaster, SC serving their nearly 800 employees. During the past eight years he has had the opportunity to travel and speak to audiences, teaching obedience through the unique use of Retrievers.

Using dogs in various stages of training, Bliss uses these illustrations to combine biblical truths and practical application to show the power of obedience in a person's life. It is his desire to communicate his messages powerfully and effectively so that all people will learn what it means to be in an obedient and joyfully submissive relationship with Jesus Christ.


The message of Disciple Dogs is a simple one. It is nothing more than the sharing of a series of simple truths. Truths that come from God's Word and truths that have the power to forever change a person's life. What makes Disciple Dogs unique is its ability to connect with everyone - regardless of race, gender, age, or station. It is an exciting and humbling thing to witness these dogs being used to teach such simple and life changing concepts.

It would be our privilege to partner with you at your next event

In addition to Bliss' general audience message "Lessons in Obedience", he is able to tailor his message to speak to specific audiences. Below are a few examples:

  • Parents: Parenting Through Obedience

  • Men: Lessons From a Lead Dog - What It Means To Be a Man

  • Kids/Teens: Living In The Sweet Spot - Identity, Transformation Vs. Conformation, Freedom Through "Confinement"

  • Seniors: What Is Your Pedigree - Living and Passing the Legacy of Obedience

Contact us and we can discuss your event and how to share this message with your specific audience in a way that will connect with them.

As I have grown older and older I realize more and more that the gospel of Jesus Christ is our only hope. With that, to me, the most important thing in life is sharing the good news of the gospel and Bliss Steele has a very unique way of presenting the gospel by using his dogs.
I have been involved with some large groups and watched Bliss use his presentation of the gospel. If you haven't seen Bliss' presentation, I highly recommend and encourage you to do so. You'll be truly blessed.

Hank Parker

Professional Outdoorsman
Television host of Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine

We value and appreciate the learning experience that we shared with Disciple Dogs. Our staff and students were in awe of the process involved in the obedience training. Bliss’s expertise in understanding dogs and pairing that knowledge with God’s design and purposes was both insightful and inspiring. We loved it!!

John & Deralyn Steigerwald

Co-founders, North Carolina Boys Academy

Closeup of a Black Dog

Interested in having your dog trained?

If you live in North or South Carolina, you may be interested in having your dog trained by Bliss and Jessica Steele. Through their dog training business, Inline Training, they teach you how to understand your dog's behavior, how to speak your dog's language, and how to create consistent boundaries, rules, and limitations in their world.

Dogs are happiest when they have consistency, leadership, and understand what is being asked of them and happy dogs make for happy owners! Visit the Inline Training website for more information and to see if it would be a good fit for you and your dog.

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